Presented by Marketing Machine

What if all civic engagement were this simple? Introducing Progressive Web Apps for 2018. 

The Marketing Machine is now adding PWA's to our civic project management and engagement video offerings providing a one stop shop for any size city to distribute a low cost, 2018 agile solution to it's citizens. The website you are now viewing is in fact, a PWA.

We developed our new platform based on our experiences with the City of Napa and the City of San Jose/Sacred Heart to develop the next generation of civic engagement tools and process. Our PWA's work on nearly all mobile devices as well as the desktop. Administration is simple and App Dashboard training is included. With cities striving to create greater efficiencies, better citizen engagement and save taxpayer money, the PWA platform does all three remarkably well.

Our Civic Web App Platform includes:

Secure and immediate citizen use without an App download.

Push Notifications for citizens groups and individuals.

App services you can't get on a Responsive Mobile Website.

Interactive infographics for city admins and citizens to visualize data.

An inexpensive Agile technology to test deploy ideas without taxpayer waste or an RFP.

Simple, cloud -based management. Update and edit with point and click ease.

Adopted by Google and many fortune 2000 companies as the next web platform.