Our City Is becoming
More Capable
Problem: The City of Napa wanted a contractor to highlight departments and their diverse services through video profiles. However, upon returning from other city’s SOTC events, The City Manager found them to be boring and lacking creativity.

He asked us to refocus our efforts to develop the Napa SOTC presentation to give it the creative flair that the city deserved and convey their attention to innovation. The City of Napa needed a local team who could switch gears last minute, manage all development aspects of their State of the City event under “one roof’ and ease the PIO’s complex process with one point of contact.

The city of Napa contracted with the Marketing Machine upon finding that we were the only local agency that could provide all services they needed under one roof with one main point of contact. We were selected to produce the City Manager’s State of the City presentation.

The Marketing Machine provided The City of Napa with all the needed talent skills required to manage the project under one roof with one point of contact. This gave them the desired streamlined experience that avoided the complexities of managing multiple vendors or teams. The presentation was unique, a high-quality production, delivered on time and a great success.